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At Wynndale Primary School we recognise that PSHE encompasses every aspect of school life.


Our aim at Wynndale is to:

  • Explore by discussing our emotions, feelings, relationships and aspirations through the use of engaging stories.
  • Inspire by giving our children the tools to be an effective member of society, showing tolerance and resilience.
  • Spark by creating an open and honest environment where children feel safe and confident to talk.
  • Deepen by embedding core values and equipping our children with the skills they will need for later life.


A child leaving Wynndale will have explicit tools to help them regulate and navigate personal, social and emotional challenges that they may face throughout their life. PSHE is taught through a mixture of stand-alone lessons and through key concepts woven into other areas of the curriculum and school life. They will understand how to live physically and emotionally healthy lifestyles. They will be able to form and sustain a wide range of positive relationships. They will contribute and function successfully in the wider world and have aspirations for themselves and those around them.