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Reading & Phonics

Reading and Phonics at Wynndale Primary School

Reading is one of the most important things that children will learn at school. Our aim is for every child to be able to Learn to Read as well as being able to Read to Learn. This means they will be confident and fluent readers who have learnt to read by the end of KS1 and be starting to read to learn by gaining knowledge in other subjects through reading.


The Teaching of Phonics

At Wynndale, we start to teach reading through a Phonics programme called ‘Storytime Phonics.’ In Reception and Y1, the children have daily phonics lessons where they learn to read by segmenting the sounds and then blending them together, as well as learning the tricky words. Phonics interventions take place for children in other year groups who still need to practise their phonics skills. All children who are learning the phonetic code, practise their new reading skills by taking home phonetically decodable books closely linked to their increasing Phonic knowledge. We use a range of books from the following schemes: Collins Big Cat Phonics, Rising Stars, Project X and Phonics Bug Club. The children also take home a sharing book, which is read to them by an adult at home, to access challenging vocabulary and to work on their comprehension and understanding of a text.


The Teaching of Reading

Children in Reception and Y1 will read with their class teacher,1:1, in small groups and as a class, where they will learn further reading skills and how to find meaning from a text. In Y2-Y6, children have Novel Study lessons 4 to 5 times a week. These focus primarily on the understanding of a text. Children are taught how to make predictions, clarify words, answer retrieval and inference questions, and summarise what they have been reading. We explore the author’s use of vocabulary and its impact on the reader. Within these year groups, adults will read 1:1 with any children where it is necessary to increase fluency as well as to diagnose and target individual reading difficulties.


A Love of Reading

One of our other aims is for all children to have a love of reading and to want to read for themselves, so at Wynndale Primary School we encourage reading for pleasure. Every classroom has a reading area with a range of children’s books for them to read at their leisure. Children at Wynndale enjoy peer reading which happens weekly; each year group is buddied up with another and so children are given the opportunity to read with another child of a different age.


At Wynndale we endeavour to create a culture of being a reading community. We encourage all adults in school to be viewed as readers, for example, every adult displays the title of the book they are personally reading for pleasure, whole school displays, bookfairs and our book exchange. We celebrate reading through participating in National events and regular initiatives such as Book Lovers tea parties and Reading Bears.


Through this, by the time our children leave us, they will have experienced a wide range of quality texts. We are able to ensure this happens through our bespoke reading spines for each year group which combines writing sequence, novel study and reading for pleasure texts.