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At Wynndale Primary school, the children will access a modern and futuristic computing education where their learnt skills will enable them to be successful citizens of the 21st Century.


Our aim at Wynndale is to:

  • Explore by engaging the children into a safe online experience, where they can engage and evaluate a range of sources.
  • Inspire by providing the children will the opportunities to try new and exciting apps.
  • Spark by igniting their minds to a whole new world of technology that correlates to solving real life problems.
  • Deepen their computing skills, enabling them to have the abilities required for jobs not yet invented.


A computer scientist will leave Wynndale with the confidence that they can use technology in their everyday life with passion and enthusiasm. We hope to prepare our digital citizens for a future that will be shaped by technology. At Wynndale, we use computing in areas of the curriculum to enrich and advance learning opportunities, while also empowering children to be critical and conscious of online sources. We have three main areas of learning: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital technology.


Computer Scientists will leave Wynndale having created complex algorithms; including having created and ran programs for real-life robots. They will also understand how the internet, data and computers work.


Information Technologists will leave Wynndale having created and used a range of programs on our Chromebooks and iPads. They will also have the skills to find relevant and reliable information online.


Digital technologists will leave Wynndale with the crucial ability to stay safe online. They will clearly know how to handle any digital experience safety. This is a crucial learning experience throughout school that is put at a forefront of our education.