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At Wynndale Primary School we recognise that reading, writing, speaking and listening are significant life skills which are of central importance to a child’s learning and development.


Our aim at Wynndale is to:

  • Explore by immersing children in the wold of books
  • Inspire by ensuring our learners have a lifelong love of books as readers and writers
  • Spark by igniting creative ideas so that we become authors and book analysts
  • Deepen by developing children’s understanding of how authors make choices that impact readers


Reading Intent at Wynndale

A reader leaving Wynndale will read for pleasure and develop a love of books as well as have a knowledge and understanding of a range of authors, stories, poems and non-fiction. They will Learn to Read by using their phonetic knowledge and different strategies to comprehend the text and challenging vocabulary. This means they will be confident and fluent readers who will be starting to Read to Learn by gaining knowledge in other areas of the curriculum. They will build a resilience and stamina in reading and have an understanding of the importance of reading in the wider world.


Writing Intent at Wynndale

A writer leaving Wynndale will develop a love of writing, through purposeful, exciting and engaging stimuli and be able to articulate and communicate their own creative ideas for a reader. They will have the opportunity to gain understanding of different genres by planning, orally rehearsing, drafting, proof-reading, editing, improving and publishing their composition. They will write purposefully for different audiences and develop a wide vocabulary. They will use different strategies for learning to spell and use punctuation and grammar correctly.

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