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Design & Technology


At Wynndale Primary School we recognise that designing, making and evaluating are significant life skills which are of central importance to a child’s learning and development.

Our aim at Wynndale is to:

  • Explore by immersing children in DIY projects
  • Inspire by ensuring our learners are excited by creating innovative projects
  • Spark by igniting creative ideas so that we become chefs, engineers and designers
  • Deepen by developing children’s understanding of how things work in the ever-changing world we live in.


A design technologist leaving Wynndale will leave with a passion for developing their ideas into innovative projects using their creative, technical and practical expertise. They will have deep knowledge and understanding of a range of textiles, mechanisms, materials, electrical and mechanical components and food technology which will provide the foundation to design, create and evaluate products to solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts.  They will make wider curriculum links with art, computing and engineering through being confident and articulate in their learning.  Children will have many opportunities to develop real life skills, subject knowledge and an enriched vocabulary.



All classes should be teaching at least one unit of Design and Technology in each term.

When Design and Technology is taught, the sequence of lessons should follow a design, make and evaluate structure.

Each child should be able to follow a method to produce a final project and should be able to talk about their opinions during the making process.

All children should develop their knowledge through all types of design and technology; including textiles, mechanisms, materials, electrical & mechanical components and food technology.



  • Our children have creative minds.
  • Our children show a strong understanding of design and technology around them.
  • Our children demonstrate specific skills, knowledge and vocabulary to create innovative projects.

As a result of our design and technology curriculum, our children gain an understanding of designing, making and evaluating projects and the implications of the ever changing technological world, today and in the future.