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Vision and Values

As a school, we have been looking at the values that are the most important to our learning community. We have agreed that these 6 values will underpin all of the work that we all do at Wynndale Primary School.

  1. Respect
  2. Responsibility
  3. Determination
  4. Tolerance
  5. Kindness
  6. Pride

Our School Mission Statement is Pride in Achievement.

We want all children to take pride in all they do and to know the feeling of success across a range of learning opportunities


Our aims are:

  • To develop successful learners who enjoy making progress and achieve their best
  • To develop confident individuals who are able to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • To develop responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to their school, their community and the wider world.

Our Principles

In order to achieve these aims we are a totally inclusive school where the following principles are adopted:

  1. We provide a caring, stimulating and enjoyable environment in which our children can feel safe and secure and where they can develop spiritual awareness, confidence and self-esteem.
  2. We encourage our children’s growing independence and sense of responsibility for their own health, well being, actions and behaviour, demonstrating respect and concern for others and the environment.
  3. We prepare children to adapt to the changing world around them by being able to respond to different challenges, new technology and developing a willingness to engage in continued learning.
  4. We help pupils lay the foundations towards becoming literate, numerate enterprising citizens, able to contribute and communicate effectively in today’s diverse society.
  5. We provide effective teaching through a broad and balanced curriculum acknowledging the need to provide for a variety of learning styles.
  6. We promote a positive and enthusiastic attitude where high standards are expected and success is aspired to and celebrated.
  7. We meet the needs of every child by providing enriching opportunities both within and beyond the curriculum to develop their practical, creative and imaginative potentials.
  8. We value our parents and the wider community as partners in the education of children and encourage their involvement in all aspects of school life.
  9. We continue to develop professionally and manage the school effectively to the maximum benefit of the whole school community.