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Vision and Values

Our Vision:

As a school, we have a clear vision that underlies all that we do. Through the whole school community working together, we aim to ensure that this vision is realised, so that every Wynndale Learner has the chance to shine.

Our Values:

Our values underpin everything we do here at Wynndale Primary School. They help us form our attitudes, guide our choices and influence our behaviours. The whole staff team, governors, families and children are involved in promoting our values and recognising when others are living the values. 

At Wynndale, we have six core values that are at the heart of all we do. These values are explored continually with our learning community – we explore what the value means and how we can use this value to develop our school as a positive, safe and inspirational place to be.

Our Learning Behaviours:

At Wynndale, we believe that children who have strong learning behaviours are equipped to be successful life-long learners. This is a key part of our school vision. We have created a culture in school of our children as ‘Wynndale Learners’ and have identified eight key learning behaviours that we believe are essential in enabling our children to be successful. We encourage our children to regularly reflect on how these learning behaviours have enabled them to become effective learners.

Our Aims: