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At Wynndale Primary School we recognise that a mathematical understanding is of central importance to a child’s learning and development.


Our aim at Wynndale is to:

  • Explore mathematical concepts and methods.
  • Inspire by highlighting how relevant maths is to everyday life.
  • Spark inquisitive minds to investigate patterns and relationships.
  • Deepen our understanding by applying our skills to solve problems.


Maths Intent at Wynndale

A Mathematician will leave Wynndale with a deep understanding, confidence, resilience and a passion for Maths. We foster a belief that Maths is an exciting adventure that everyone can enjoy, value and master.


Maths learning will be scaffolded into a progression of fluency, reasoning and problem solving. When working on fluency, they will use concrete apparatus to support learning and make connections. They will use pictorial representations to develop understanding before moving onto abstract thinking and learning.


Children will be provided with rich learning opportunities that deepen thinking and encourage understanding greater depth. Through this they will build resilience, stamina and a love for Maths and have an understanding of the importance of Maths Skills and Knowledge in the wider world.

The Teaching of Maths

Fluency Facts