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At Wynndale, we recognise that Music allows children to explore their creative potential through performance, composition, listening and appraising.


Our aim at Wynndale is to:

  • Explore a wide variety of historical period styles, traditions and music genres for all learners.
  • Inspire all children to be creative, increase self-confidence and a sense of achievement to develop a love for music.
  • Spark a love and passion for a range of genres and styles in a range of musical elements.
  • Deepen their understanding of how music is created and how expressions can be represented through music.


At Wynndale Primary we encourage and inspire children to be musicians. We will provide meaningful, engaging, exciting, high-quality teaching and learning opportunities by allowing all children to develop their skills as musicians. To listen, sing, perform, evaluate a range of genres and styles in our music curriculum will prepare children to aspire to be confident musicians. A progression of the skills, knowledge and experiences will be embedded throughout so the children can compose and perform all musical elements which are purposeful, empowering and aspiring for all. We encourage all children to think creatively and to represent feelings, emotions and self-expression in music with an element of evaluation. We develop the children’s curiosity, respect, value and importance of music in school and the wider community where a love of music can be shared.