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At Wynndale Primary School we recognise that history is about the study of ancient, modern and current times, encouraging deep thinking, investigation, the asking of questions and the forming of opinions.


Our aim at Wynndale is to

  • Explore by immersing children into given periods of time so that the impact of historical events and change can be witnessed.
  • Inspire by developing empathy for people and the situations in which they found themselves, alongside an understanding of everyday life and significant events. Through this they will gain an awareness of how the past has shaped the world we live in today.
  • Spark by igniting interest, enthusiasm and curiosity through immersion, creating the desire to find out more
  • Deepen by encouraging them to carry out historical research they will enhance understanding and to foster the confidence to ask challenging questions that takes their learning forwards. This will lead to analysis, reflection and the forming of their own opinions. 


A historian leaving Wynndale will be knowledgeable about the past and historical change. They will have a passion and a curiosity to question and investigate further. They will have the opportunity, through their learning and through discussion, to form and voice their own opinions. They will be adept at using primary and secondary sources, including the exploration of different artefacts to support their thinking. A chronological timeline will be used from the earliest times to the present day and children will place themselves and the different periods studied where they fit.


Units of learning will be based on a deep understanding of ancient, modern and current history, highlighting significant individuals and events. They will be aware how events had an impact on everyday life and make links and observations between given eras.  As historians they will develop a high-level understanding and use of specific vocabulary and historical terminology. This will enable them to properly explain what they have learned in relation to change, cause, similarities and differences.